Magical Energy and Mastery Levels

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Magical Energy and Mastery Levels Empty Magical Energy and Mastery Levels

Post  Ellimere on Fri Dec 10, 2010 2:12 pm

Magical Energy:

Magical Energy is what is used to activate ÄRMs in the world of MÄR-Heaven, it being the user's potential to use items imbued in Magic. If one has a low amount of Magic Energy using stronger ÄRMs will physically drain the user until they are unable to hold the ÄRM's form or become too exhausted to even move.

In order to increase one's reservoir a person needs to train their sixth sense and gain experience, either through fighting, or training themselves via training gates etc. A GM will award experience points depending on how rigorous the training or how well someone has completed a given task at their current level.

Increase in Energy:

Magical Energy Growth Rates are static across the board meaning that no matter what level or type of ÄRM user you are, your growth rate will increase at the same rate as it did your previous level. The formula for calculating your Energy is determined with this:

25 + (15*Level) = Total Magic Energy

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Magical Energy and Mastery Levels Empty Re: Magical Energy and Mastery Levels

Post  Ellimere on Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:23 pm

Mastery Levels

Mastery Levels measure how strong someone's magic energy has become, the higher the level, the higher their energy limit is. To increase your Mastery Level (and magic energy) you must acquire enough experience to reach the next level. Each level's Experience Requirement is written out bellow. While you can use an ÄRM of any class, if you choose to use one higher than your current level it will cause your character a great mental strain and prove difficult to maintain.

D Class:
The beginning for anyone starting to develop their Magic Energy. At this level it takes a great deal of getting use to to master an ÄRM's full abilities meaning one has to train a lot before they can just pick up any ÄRM and use it with ease.

1)D- Class [500 EXP]
2)D Class [1000 EXP]
3)D+ Class [1500 EXP]

C Class:
At this level, one is able to use higher level ÄRMs without draining themselves with each use though their stability is still rather low. Using multiple ÄRMs at the same time can also prove extremely difficult the higher in level they may be.

4)C- Class [2000 EXP]
5)C Class [2500 EXP]
6)C+ Class [3000 EXP]

B Class
Bordering on Average all around, B Class is much more adept at maintaining the integrity and power of their ÄRMs than the previous two levels. At this level using multiple ÄRMs is no longer nearly as taxing as it was previously, making it much easier to use multiple ÄRMs at once.

7)B- Class [3500 EXP]
8)B Class [4000 EXP]
9)B+ Class [4800 EXP]

A Class:
A Class users have reached a near mastery of their magical capabilities, being able to maintain and efficiently use multiple ÄRMs without losing focus or power behind them. The physical and mental strain of using ÄRMs is also severely reduced to the point where it is no longer a problem at most levels.

10)A- Class [5600 EXP]
11)A Class [6400 EXP]
12)A+ Class [7200 EXP]

S Class:
The pinnacle of training, S Class users almost feel no drain on themselves by using ÄRMs. Continuously activating multiple ÄRMs or maintaining them can be relatively easy to the point where someone doesn't even need to think of it to hold a superior edge in battle. While higher level ÄRM can be a bit difficult to master quickly lower ones can be picked up almost instantaneously.

13)S- Class [8000 EXP]
14)S Class [9000 EXP]
15)S+ Class [10,000 EXP]

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